Focusing Small Depth of Field Optical Microscope Images

Radim Sara and Vladimir Smutny
Center for Machine Perception
Czech Technical University in Prague

A Small Depth of Field ImageComputed Focused Image

Focused image (shown right) is automatically computed from a sequence of small depth of field images (such as the one shown at left) taken at different focus depths. Part of the input image sequence is shown below.

The computation took about 20 seconds on a 200 MHz Pentium processor. 73 484x760 RGB images were processed.

Note that the digital focusing makes no assumptions about the continuity of the specimen (it may be a collection of particles as in this case).

Input Data Sequence

frame 1 frame 4 frame 7 frame 10 frame 13
frame 16 frame 19 frame 22 frame 25 frame 28
frame 31 frame 34 frame 37 frame 40 frame 43
frame 46 frame 49 frame 52 frame 55 frame 58
frame 61 frame 64 frame 67 frame 70 frame 73

Radim Sara
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