Ground truth data for tracking of (almost) planar objects

Ground truth data includes three sequences in total with 11963 frames. Three different object are presented, mousepad, towel and phone. Object position is determined by the position of its four corners. The corners were hand-clicked and carefuly validated. The ground truth txt files which share the same file names with the *.jpg images contain 2x4 values, coordinates of the four anchor points (corners). First row contains row coordinates and the second row then column coordinates, see the tracking examples. We provide a Matlab script show_data.m, which allows both browsing and editing of the ground truth.

The provided data are entirely public. If used we kindly ask for citing the relevant publication [1]. The collection of the ground truth and support codes provided by Karel Zimmermann. The work has been supported by the Czech Academy of Science under project MultiCam 1ET101210407.

[1] K. Zimmermann, J. Matas, and T. Svoboda. Tracking by an Optimal Sequence of Linear Predictors. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 31(4), 2009, [pdf]

Support Matlab codes. Please look at the beginning of the show_data script for specification of data path etc.

Desription and downloads Object A tracking example
Mouse pad sequence
Towel sequence
Phone sequence

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