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Upcoming events (room G-205, G-102A)
22.03.2018 Thu16:00(External seminar)doc. Mgr. Libor Barto, Ph.D. - 34. Prague Computer Science Seminar (abstract)
23.03.2018 Fri15:15G205(External seminar)Milan Sulc - Fine-grained recognition of plants from images (abstract)
27.03.2018 Tue13:00G205(Reading group)Karel Ha - Dynamic Routing Between Capsules (abstract)
27.03.2018 Tue16:00G205(External seminar)Radu Horaud - Exploiting the Complementarity Between Vision and Audio for The Dynamic Analysis of People (abstract)
27.03.2018 Tue10:00E112()Michal Uřičář - Defence of the thesis (abstract)
28.03.2018 Wed15:00E112(External seminar)Nicolas Staub - A novel heterogeneous kind of system for aerial-ground cooperative manipulation: MAGMaS (abstract)
05.04.2018 Thu11:00()The 42st Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Colloquium, Spring 2018 (abstract)

Past events

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