Light-fields : Beyond the Lambertian

Antonin Sulc
(Universitat Konstanz, Germany)


Recent developments in sensor technology rendered the first affordable hand-held light-field cameras like the Lytro Illum possible. The additional angular information captured by plenoptic camera about the scene gives rise to many interesting topics which were impossible to solve with conventional 2D cameras.

In this talk I will focus on practical applications with three main parts. The first part will give an introduction to light-fields. The second part will show structure-from motion with light-field cameras. We descrbied features as 2D subspaces of the 4D light-field and we found a set of linear contraints on these features to find extrinsic camera parameters. Third part will be about layer separation and robust depth estimation of light-fields in presence of non-Lambertian surfaces where we show that we can robustly estimate depth with sparse codes and separate input light-fields into reflection and reflective surface.