Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox (STPRtool).

 Version 2.12       12-Sep-2013

 Bayesian classification.
   bayescls         - Bayesian classifier with reject option.
   bayesdf          - Computes decision boundary of Bayesian classifier.
   bayeserr         - Computes Bayesian risk for 1D case with Gaussians.

 Linear Discriminant function.
   linclass         - Linear classifier.
   ekozinec         - Kozinec's algorithm for eps-optimal hyperplane.
   mperceptron      - Perceptron to train multi-class linear classifier.
   perceptron       - Perceptron to train binary linear classifier.
   fld              - Fisher Linear Discriminant. 
   fldqp            - Fisher Linear Discriminant using QP.

 Generalized Anderson's task.
   andrerr          - Classification error of the Generalized Anderson's task.
   androrig         - Original method to solve the Anderson's task.
   eanders          - Epsilon-solution of the Generalized Anderson's task.
   ganders          - Solves the Generalized Anderson's task.
   ggradander       - Generalized gradients approach to Gen. Anderson's task.
 Linear feature extraction.
   linproj          - Linear data projection.
   lda              - Linear Discriminant Analysis.
   pca              - Principal Component Analysis.
   pcarec           - Computes reconstructed vector after PCA projection.

 Miscellaneous methods.
   adaboost         - AdaBoost algorithm.
   adaclass         - AdaBoost classifier.
   cerror           - Computes classification error.
   crossval         - Partions data for cross-validation.
   knnclass         - k-Nearest Neighbours classifier.
   knnrule          - Creates K-nearest neighbours classifier.
   roc              - Computes Receiver Operator Characteristic.
   sectohms         - Converts seconds to HOUR:MIN:SEC format.
   weaklearner      - Produces classifier thresholding single feature.

 Kernel machines.
   diagker         - Returns diagonal of kernel matrix.
   dualcov         - Dual representation of covariance matrix.
   dualmean        - Computes dual representation of mean vector.
   kdist           - Computes distance between points in kernel space. 
   kernel          - Evaluates kernel function.
   kernelproj      - Kernel projection.    
   kfd             - Kernel Fisher Discriminant.
   knorm           - Computes L2-norm in kernel space.
   kperceptr       - Kernel Perceptron.
   lin2svm         - Merges linear rule and kernel projection. 
   minball         - Minimal enclosing ball in kernel feature space.
   rsrbf           - Reduced Set Method for RBF kernel expansion.   
   rspoly2         - Reduced Set Method for homegeneous 2nd polynomial kernel.
 Kernel feature extraction.
   gda             - Generalized Discriminant Analysis.
   greedykpca      - Greedy kernel PCA.
   kpca            - Kernel Principal Component Analysis.
   kpcarec         - Reconstructs image after kernel PCA.
 Optimization methods.
   gmnp            - Generalized Minimal Norm (GMNP) problem.
   gnnls           - Generalized Non-negative Least Squares (GNNLS) problem. 
   gnpp            - Generalized Nearest Point (GNPP) problem. 
   gridsearch      - Function minimization using grid search.
   gsmo            - Generalized Sequential Minimal Optimizer.
   qpbsvm          - Solves QP task required for learning SVM without bias term.
   qpssvm          - Solves QP task required for StructSVM learning.

 Pre-image problem for RBF kernel.
   rbfpreimg       - Schoelkopf's fixed-point algorithm.
   rbfpreimg2      - Gradient optimization.
   rbfpreimg3      - Kwok-Tsang's algorithm.

 Support Vector Machines.
   bsvm2           - Solver for multi-class BSVM with L2-soft margin.
   evalsvm         - Training and evaluates SVM classifier.
   mvsvmclass      - Majority voting multi-class SVM classifier.
   oaasvm          - Multi-class SVM using One-Agains-All decomposition.
   oaosvm          - Multi-class SVM using One-Against-One decomposition.
   smo             - Sequential Minimal Optimization for SVM (L1).
   svm1d           - Linear SVM for 1-dimensional input data.
   svm2            - Solver for binary SVM with L2 soft margin.
   svmclass        - Support Vector Machines Classifier. 
   svmlight        - Interface to SVM^{light} software. 
   svmquadprog     - SVM trained by Matlab Optimization Toolbox.

 Probability distribution functions and estimation.
   dsamp           - Generates samples from discrete distribution.
   erfc2           - Normal cumulative distribution function. 
   gmmsamp         - Generates sample from Gaussian mixture model (GMM).
   gsamp           - Generates sample from Gaussian distribution.
   cmeans          - C-means (or K-means) clustering algorithm. 
   mahalan         - Computes Mahalanobis distance.
   pdfgauss        - Computes probability for Gaussian distribution.
   pdfgmm          - Computes probability for Gaussian mixture model.  
   sigmoid         - Evaluates sigmoid function.

   emgmm           - Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for GMM. 
   mlcgmm          - ML estimation of GMM from complete data.
   mlsigmoid       - Fitting a sigmoid function using ML estimation.
   mmgauss         - Minimax estimation of Gaussian distribution.
   rsde            - Reduced Set Density Estimator.

 Quadratic discriminant function.
   lin2quad        - Merges linear rule and quadratic mapping.
   qmap            - Quadratic data mapping.
   quadclass       - Quadratic classifier.  

   pandr           - Visualizes solution of the Generalized Anderson's task. 
   pboundary       - Plots decision boundary of given classifier in 2D.
   pgauss          - Visualizes set of bivariate Gaussians.
   pgmm            - Visualizes Gaussian mixture model.
   pkernelproj     - Plots isolines of kernel projection.
   plane3          - Plots plane in 3d.
   pline           - Plots line in 2D.
   ppatterns       - Plots pattern as points in feature space.
   psvm            - Plots decision boundary of binary SVM classifier. 
   showim          - Displays given image(s).  
 Data sets.
   andersons_task   - (dir) Input for demo on Generalized Anderson's task.
   binary_separable - (dir) Input for demo on Linear classification.
   gmm_sample       - (dir) Input for demo on EM algorithm for GMM.
   iris_data        - (dir) Fisher's Iris data set.
   mm_sample        - (dir) Input for demo on Minimax Algorithm.
   multi_separable  - (dir) Linearly separable multi-class data.
   ocr_numerals     - (dir) Examples of hand-written numerals.
   riply_data       - (dir) Riply's data set.
   svm_sample       - (dir) Input for demo on SVM.

   c2s              - Converts cell to structure array.
   createdata       - Interactive data generator. 
   gencircledata    - Generates data on circle corrupted by Gaussian noise. 
   genlsdata        - Generates linearly separable binary data.
   mergesets        - Merges data sets to one labeled data file.
   savestruct       - Saves fields of given structure to file.
   usps2mat         - Converts USPS database to Matlab data file (MAT). 

   image_denoising - (dir) Image denoising using kernel PCA.
   ocr             - (dir) Optical Character Recognition.  

   demo_anderson   - Generalized Anderson's task.
   demo_emgmm      - Expectation-Maximization algorithm for GMM.
   demo_kpcadenois - Idea of image denoising based on Kernel PCA.
   demo_linclass   - Algorithms learning linear classifiers.
   demo_mmgauss    - Minimax estimation of Gaussian distribution.
   demo_ocr        - Run OCR demo.
   demo_pcacomp    - Image compression using PCA.
   demo_svm        - Support Vector Machines.
   demo_svmpout    - Fitting a posteriori probability to SVM output.

 compilemex - Compiles all MEX files of the STPRtool.
 stprpath   - Sets path to the STPRtool.

 About: Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox
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 Czech Technical University Prague
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