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DATA :: Two-view Geometry

Center for Machine Perception
Czech Technical University in Prague
This page contains datasets of image pairs including manually annotated ground truth. This is in the form of corresponding points in homogeneous coordinates (6√óN, usually ~10 points, A image coordinates first) in Matlab structures (validation.pts). The naming convention is as follows: first image nameA.ext, second image nameB.ext, validation points name_vpts.mat. For some pairs there may be additional information in the validation structure.

kusvod2Epipolar Geometry, Morel&Yu: ASIFT, Tina Tuytelaars, Marc Pollefeys, Daniel Martinec, Jan Cech
homogrHomographyStewart: Testsuite of 22 challenging pairs of images, Morel: ASIFT testing images,
strechamvsEpipolar GeometryStrecha's Multi-View Stereo