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Omnidirectional Vision

Center for Machine Perception
Czech Technical University Prague

Omnidirectional Images-based Rendering
Hynek Bakstein, Tomas Pajdla
Added: Feb 5, 2007 New!
Estimation of Omnidirectional Camera Model from Epipolar Geometry Estimation of Omnidirectional Camera Model from Epipolar Geometry
Branislav Micusik, Tomas Pajdla
Added: Apr 15, 2003
  Image acquired by the Nikon FC-E8 lens Calibration of a Nikon FC-E8 lens
Hynek Bakstein, Tomas Pajdla
Added: Nov 25, 2002
Image from the corridor sequence Image Based Localization of Mobile Robot
Josef Sivic, Tomas Pajdla
Added: Dec 20, 2000
  An image from an omnidirectional camera Omnidirectional Vision
Tomas Svoboda, Tomas Pajdla, Vaclav Hlavac
For local users: life demo guidelines.
Updated: May 11, 2000
Mobile robot Mobile Robot Navigation with Panoramic Camera
Josef Sivic, Tomas Pajdla
For local users: live demo guidelines.
Added: Jul 20, 1998
  Mobile robot with sonars Mobile Robot Navigation with Sonars
Lubos Kral, Vladimir Smutny
Added: Oct 18, 1999

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