Author Instructions for ECCV 2004 Camera-Ready Manuscripts

Camera-ready manuscripts for the ECCV 2004 main conference must comply with the instructions below. For papers submitted to workshops, see the homepages of the individual workshops.

All papers, regardless whether accepted as orals or posters, will appear in the proceedings in the same format.

  1. The camera-ready manuscript in the correct format must be uploaded before February 9, 2004. See instructions below under "Camera-ready manuscript upload".
  2. At least one author must be registered for the ECCV main conference, extra pages and/or colour pages must be paid, and the copyright form must be signed to allow publishing a paper  in the proceedings. Your payment and the copyright form must be received before February 23, 2004

Page limit. The page limit is 12 pages and up to 2 additional pages can be purchased for 100 EUR each.  Please  pay for the additional page(s) together with ECCV 2004 registration.

Colour pages. It is possible to buy colour page(s)  in the printed proceedings for 220 EUR each. Specify your colour pages pages in a text file called colour-pages.txt. Please  pay for the color page(s) together with ECCV 2004 registration.  

Copyright form. The copyright form must be signed by at least one author to publish the paper in Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Science. Papers without signed copyright form will not be included in the proceedings. Please sign the form and fax it to (intl.) 420 224 357 385 or mail it to:

Eva Matyskova
Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University
Karlovo namesti 13
121 35 Prague 2
Czech Republic 

Paper formatting. 

If you fail to follow these instructions your paper may be of reduced quality in the printed proceedings. If you are not sure about formatting your document properly, please contact us at

Camera-ready manuscript upload.  

The paper will be published both in printed proceedings and in CD-ROM electronic proceedings. The paper will be printed in monochrome unless you pay for the colour pages. If you wish to improve readability by adding more colour to the electronic proceedings version (at no charge), please follow the instructions below in Point 2. 

  1. Version for print. Collect all  files necessary to generate the paper, i.e. (1) the tex-file(s) including any special style files you may have used, (2) all images and illustrations in PostScript and/or PDF, and the final document in (3) DVI (or Word doc file),  (4) PostScript and (5) PDF formats. Put all the contents in a directory named print_version. This version will appear in the printed proceedings. The source and the PostScript/PDF documents must be of identical contents. If applicable, specify your colour pages pages in a text file called colour-pages.txt.
  2. Electronic version (optional). This is only necessary if a part of your paper has been converted to levels of gray in the version for print: Create one more directory at the same level named electronic_version and put all the files necessary to generate the electronic version there, including a PDF of the whole paper. Make sure both the version for print and the colour electronic version are identical in contents (up to colour).  The colour in the electronic version is at no charge.

Create a single gzipped tar-file or a ZIP archive file containing both directories. Submit it through the online submission system at

Use the submission pin you received when submitting your paper for review. If you have any problems, please contact us at

Supplementary material upload.  If you wish to add any supplementary material (movies, VRML,...) to the electronic version of the paper, please add it to the electronic_version subdirectory. Add file supplement.txt that will contain: paper title, the list of authors, a short description of the material and a list of filenames that contain the additional material.  Please make sure the material  is provided in a format viewable across a wide range of computer platforms. The material is limited in size to 2.5MB per paper.

Final submission checklist