Author Instructions for ECCV 2004 Submission

Papers submitted to the ECCV 2004 main conference must comply with the instructions below. For papers to workshops, see the homepages for the individual workshops

Submission of Papers for Review

The submission is electronic. The submission system can be accessed at

Note that you first have to go to the "New Login" section. Then you will receive an email with your submission pin. Finally, log in using this pin and upload your paper. If you have any problems, please mail to


The submitted papers must contain the following:

Final manuscript

It will be possible to buy at most 2 additional pages above the 12 page limit for the final manuscript. The final paper thus will have at most 14 pages. The authors will be charged for color pages in the printed proceedings.

Dual Submission Policy

By submitting a paper to ECCV 2004, the author(s) warrant that it or any paper with essentially the same content have not and will not be submitted to any other conference until the end of the ECCV 2004 review period on January 19, 2004.

In particular, dual submission to ECCV 2004 and CVPR 2004 is not allowed. Submissions to the two conferences will be checked and papers with essentially the same content will be rejected.

Dual submission to the main conference and to associated workshops is permitted with the understanding that

  1. in case of acceptance to the main conference the paper will be withdrawn from the workshops and
  2. this withdrawal policy is accepted by the workshop organisers (please check the workshop homepage).


All reviewing will be double blind, so the paper must not include any information which allows the authors to be identified. For example, this will probably require that references to the author's previous work be left blank. This is not optional. Papers that provide obvious identifying information may be returned or have sections blanked out for reviewers.

See the ECCV 2004 Review Report that will be used to evaluate submitted papers.

Paper Format

Note that failing to follow these instructions may result in your document being not printable on European printers. If you are not sure about formating your document properly, please contact us at