Call for ECCV-2004 Workshop Proposals

The ECCV-2004 Organizing Committee is soliciting proposals for
workshops to be held in conjunction with ECCV 2004
Prague, Czech Republic, May 11-14, 2004

ECCV-2004 workshops will be held on May 15-16, 2004. The workshops will complement and enhance the scientific programme of ECCV-2004. The purpose is to provide a setting for discussion of technical and application issues, for exchange of research ideas in areas of special interest, and for development of communities in newly emerging fields of Computer Vision.

The deadline for the proposals is September 1, 2003. Earlier submission is encouraged. Proposals should include:

Individual Workshop Chairs, if selected to organize a workshop, will be mainly responsible for:

Soliciting papers, corresponding with authors, coordinating reviews, making acceptance decisions on submitted papers, ensuring deadlines, addressing the workshop sponsors, publication of proceedings or working notes, communicating with the ECCV-2004 Organizer, and moderating/facilitating the workshop at the Conference.

The ECCV-2004 Organizing Committee will be mainly responsible for:

Providing publicity for the workshop series as a whole, providing a meeting place for the workshop up to the available space limit, providing catering during the workshop, providing audio-visual equipment and making registration and accommodation arrangements jointly with the Main Conference.

The workshop organizers will be charged for the services the Main Conference is providing. The fee will have a fixed component and a component proportional to the number of participants. Details are available upon request.

The ECCV-2004 Organising Committee reserves the right to cancel any workshop if deadlines are missed, or if the number of registered attendees is too low to support the costs related to organising and running the workshop.

Proposals will be reviewed by the ECCV-2004 Organizing Committee and acceptance will be announced after the submission deadline. Please, submit your proposal in electronic form (plain text, PostScript, or PDF) to:

Radim Sara
Center for Machine Perception
Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague

Additional information available upon request.