Matěj Hoffmann
Humanoid and cognitive robotics:automatic self-calibration and safe physical human-robot interaction
On 2017-02-20 16:15 at E112
We cordially invite you to the short presentation of our new colleague, Matěj
Hoffmann, who will introduce his recent work at the beginning of the meeting of
the Department Council. 


I will introduce my recent work on the humanoid robot iCub conducted at the iCub
Facility, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, and my current work at Dept.
Cybernetics using the Nao humanoid. Unique to my research program, both
platforms feature a whole-body artificial skin array. First, we are using the
robots to model how the brain learns representations of the body. Second, we
target two application areas in robotics: (i) automatic self-calibration and
(ii) safe and intelligent man-machine interaction through whole-body
"awareness". Finally, I will briefly introduce my plans for the future within
and beyond the Department.
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