Qiang Li
Robotic interaction and manipulation employing visuo-tactile servoing controller
On 2018-07-18 11:00 at G205
In order to autonomously work in an unstructured environment, robots have to
employ their perception capabilities and robust controllers to realize the safe
interaction with external environment. In this talk, I will focus on the vision
and tactile sensing and integrate them into a general multi-modality
controller to implement lots of common contact-based learning and manipulation
tasks. The whole talk is composed by two sub-topics: Sub-topic 1: a general
tactile servoing controller and its applications: (i) exploring unknown
(ii) learning robot’s body schema, (iii) learning to use a grasped tactile
tool. Sub-topic 2:  a general visuo-tactile servoing controller and its
applications: (i) unknown object’s in-hand manipulation, (ii) learning a
grasped hinged tool. 
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