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Excursion to the Deutsches Museum in München on Fri April 29, 2016

(List of participants)


Prof. Václav Hlaváč from the Department of Cybernetics organized the one-day bus excursion to the prime German museum of technology named Deutsches Museum in München, Bavaria. The excursion is intended for approx. 35 students (including Ph.D. ones) and for 10 teachers/researchers of the Department of Cybernetics or of the Center for Machine Perception. The prime target participants are students from the V. Hlaváč’s class Intelligent robotics taught in the 1st year of master studies in the study program Cybernetics and Robotics. Their privilege is that they will receive the email with the announcement one day earlier than the other Cybernetics and Robotics students.

The program of the excursion day is the following:

  • 6:05 Bus departure (sharp). The bus will depart from the bus stop on the bridge above the metro station Nové Butovice on line B. The participants are asked to be there at 6:00 at latest.
  • We will likely have an expert advisor with us, maybe from the Prague National Museum of Technology (Národní technické muzeum). He will explain us the context of the visit on the journey there and show some exhibits on the spot.
  • 10:00-10:30 Planned arrival to the museum in München.
  • 10:45-13:00 Guided tour in English lead by the guides of Deutsches Museum. Two groups will be formed lead by two guides.
  • 12:30 to 13:30 Time for individual lunch of participants.
  • 17:00 Bus departure towards Prague.
  • 21:00-21:30 Expected arrival to Metro station Nové Butovice.

The expenses of the trip (approximately CZK 1000 per person) will be free to FEL students and employees of the Department of Cybernetics. The costs will be paid 50% by the Department of Cybernetics and 50% by the group of Václav Hlaváč. Other people will have to pay CZK 1000.

2016-04-29DM-GuideBruno1Redu 2016-04-29DM-GuideBruno2Redu

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč