The Im4Sketch Dataset
The Im4Sketch Dataset was created by: Nikos Efthymiadis, Giorgos Tolias, Ondrej Chum.

What is the Im4Sketch dataset?

Im4Sketch building process

Training and validation




Each channel of the images offered for download is an edgemap extracted from the original image of the corresponding dataset. The edgemaps were extracted using BDCN, HED, and Structured Forests and are stored on the first, second, and third channel of the available images correspondingly. The components of Im4Sketch can be downloaded from the links below.

Set-up files

In order to make possible the training on the original images of the datasets, the set-up CSVs are available here, as well as the class correspondence file. The original datasets can be downloaded from their original source.

Pretrained Model

A pretrained ResNet-101 model on Im4Sketch is available in the link below. See the github code for usage examples.


Relevant code can be found on github.


Any feedback is welcome. Please send it to: