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PRoVisG MARS 3D Challenge


  • 12/9/2011 - Stage 3 Challenge Released
  • 15/6/2011 - Stage 2 Challenge Released
  • 9/3/2011- Additional info at M3DC Forum
  • 1/3/2011 - Stage 1 Challenge Released

Welcome to the PRoVisG Mars 3D Challenge!

The Mars 3D Challenge aims at testing and improving the state of the art in visual odometry and 3D terrain reconstruction in planetary exploration.

The task of the challenge is to reconstruct depth, camera trajectory and 3D map of Mars landscape observed by the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). Results of the challenge will help to develop technology for future planetary mission such as ESA ExoMars.

The challenge consists of three stages. The results of the challenge will be evaluated by a the PRoVisG Project consortium including the JPL NASA operating the MERs. Results of the challenge will be presented at a ICCV 2011 workshop "CVVT:E2M - Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology: From Earth to Mars" and published in a follow-up journal paper. The winners of the challenge will be awarded a travel to and a visit of a JPL/ESA space laboratory.

Register to the challenge and contribute to understanding the Universe!