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4-pt absolute pose problem with unknown focal length and unknown radial distortion (P4Pfr)
A general solution to the determination of the pose of a camera with unknown focal length and one parameter radial distortion from images of four 3D reference points.


  1. K. Josephson, M. Byröd, K. Aström. Pose Estimation with Radial Distortion and Unknown Focal Length, CVPR 2009, Florida, USA, 2009. [pdf | http | code]
  2. Bujnak M., Kukelova Z., Pajdla T., New efficient solution to the absolute pose problem for camera with unknown focal length and radial distortion, ACCV 2010, Queenstown, NZ, November 8-12, 2010. [pdf | code]
  • Greobner basis solver (Matlab) [code]
  • Planar+Non-planar solver (Matlab) [code]
Tomas Pajdla, Zuzana Kukelova, Martin Bujnak. Maintained by Zuzana Kukelova, 2 December 2014