MultiCam - Cognitive Multicamera System

Funded by the The Czech Academy of Sciences under Project 1ET101210407.
Project start: 07/2004, expected end: 12/2008

Tomas Svoboda
Project leader, multicamera (self)-calibration, articulated models
Petr Doubek
Multicamera appearance based tracking, background modeling
Karel Zimmermann
Advanced tracking methods, learning of articulated models of unknown complexity
Pavol Vlcek
Head detection and tracking

Multicam Lab

Project description

In this project a set of theoretically well established methods for modeling and recognition of events will be developed. The system will use multiple cameras that will observe scene from different perspectives. It will be based on consumer HW and essentially transportable and flexible. Newly developed event representation will alow user-defined expected event to be recognized. Moreover, with long-term installation, the system will learn knowledge about usual events autonomously and will recognize an unusual event then. Understanding of the dynamic events allows development of the VirtualEditor that will be switching between cameras depending on the scene context. A multicamera system with above specified functionality may be applied in homeland security applications, video surveillance, tele-presence, tele-teaching, human-machine interfacing and others.


Selected Publications