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Johannes Burge presents Perceptual consequences of temporal processing dynamics in the human visual system.

On 2022-08-11 11:00 at G205, Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2
Solving the sensor fusion problem—how to combine information sources with
different reliabilities and spatial-temporal properties—is critical to
engineered and biological systems.

I will discuss recent results demonstrating striking perceptual consequences in
the human visual system when this problem is solved with millisecond-scale
errors in timing. In particular, I will show that certain image differences
between the eyes cause motion illusions that make people dramatically
misperceive the distance and three-dimensional direction of moving objects.

I will explain the neural processing and stereo-geometry underlying the
illusion, and show that the misperceptions can be severe enough to impact
safety. The fact that substantial perceptual errors are caused by millisecond
differences in processing speed highlights the exquisite temporal calibration
required for accurate perceptual estimation. The fact that these misperceptions
are rare in natural viewing indicates how well the visual system tends to be
calibrated. The motion illusion—the reverse Pulfrich effect—and the
paradigms we use to measure reveal how optical and image properties impact
temporal processing, an important but understudied issue in vision and visual
neuroscience. Ongoing and future work on a range of related topics with
and scientific import will be discussed.

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