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camera1394: IEEE 1394 Digital Camera driver

ROS driver for devices supporting the IEEE 1394 Digital Camera (IIDC) protocol. Supports the ROS image_pipeline, using libdc1394 for device access. Modification for capturing with Ladybug 3 (by Tomas Petricek, maybe not exhaustive): - dev_camera1394.cpp, Camera1394.cfg: Configurable number of DMA buffers - dev_camera1394.cpp: Resetting IEEE 1394 bus when opening camera - dev_camera1394.cpp: Setting AE_STATS_MASK to use only side cameras for exposure adjustments

A "patched" version of camera1394 package for capturing with the Ladybug 3 camera. It is used by the omnicamera package.

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Author(s): Jack O'Quin, Ken Tossell, Patrick Beeson, Nate Koenig, Andrew Howard, Damien Douxchamps, Dan Dennedy Tomas Petricek /
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