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Yoav Schechner
Multi-view inter-media:From space to ocean-depths
On 2015-03-26 11:00 at G205
This talk is about multi-view imaging via complex participating media,
particularly the 3D volumetric scattering and turbulent atmosphere and the 3D
wavy water-air interface. Camera multi-views are either looking down from
outer-space, or looking up from underwater or the ground level. 

Multiple views on scales of tens or hundreds of kilometers can effectively
create a huge lightfield camera-system. We develop this setup as a means for
estimating matter distribution overhead as they really are 3D, volumetric. The
principle is a type of nonlinear tomography. On small scale, this geometry
creates a 'virtual periscope': it stochastically localizes objects in open air,
without revealing a submerged viewer. 

Furthermore, multiview and motion recovery in water is surprisingly simplified
by random spatio-temporal caustic illumination patterns, which are created by
water waves.
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