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Prof. Carsten Rother
Interactive Image Segmentation
On 2015-09-24 16:00 at KN:E-107
When humans see a scene they can quite effortlessly visually separate individual
objects present in the scene. For a computer, the ultimate but very challenging
goal is to achieve the same without the help of humans. I will consider a
slightly simpler task, where the user is allowed to give hints about what should
be segmented. This task is called “Interactive Image Segmentation”. I will
look at this problem from two different angles. Firstly, I will describe an
approach to this problem which involves a joint optimization over appearance and

I will present our results from a sequence of papers in which we over time
improved both the model and the optimization method. We shall focus on methods
aiming to find a globally optimal solution. Secondly, I will examine the role of
the user. The ultimate goal is to design a system with which the user obtains an
acceptable result in as little time as possible. We show that this is possible
by integrating the user into the computational model and that it results in an
improved system. In fact, this method, called GrabCut, is the basis of the
foreground extraction tool that ships with the Microsoft office products.
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