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Pavel Šebor
Simulated Worlds
On 2015-10-22 16:00 at MFF UK, S5
Real-time computer graphics has been making huge steps towards generating
realistic-looking scenes in recent years, taking advantage of massive
improvements in computing power on CPUs and GPUs. Video game industry is a
catalyst of this rapid evolution, with billions of dollars spent on gaming
hardware and software each year accelerating investment into the field.
simulation has become commonplace for gaining insight into all areas of human
activity. Specializing in vehicle simulation games, Pavel Šebor's company is
the intersection of these two trends, carving its unique niche in high-fidelity
truck simulation.

This lecture will deal with the challenges of constructing, effective storing,
and rendering believable large-scale virtual worlds with AI-driven traffic.
vehicle physics to use of procedural generation as high-level space
tool, a variety of topics including integration with up-and-coming VR
technologies will be discussed. We hope to offer generally applicable lessons
learned from developing our technology for over a decade, all the while having
to adapt to disruptive changes in hardware, distribution, and business models.
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