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Michael Haller
Designing natural user interfaces: from large surfaces to flexible input sensors
On 2016-06-29 11:00 at G205
Abstract: We at the Media Interaction Lab are investigating the use of
interactive surfaces for collaborative environments. With the increasing
development of interactive walls, interactive tables, and multi-touch devices,
both companies and academics are evaluating their potential for wider use. These
newly emerging form factors require novel human–computer interaction
techniques which will be discussed in this presentation. In this work, we will
describe particular challenges and solutions for the design of interactive wall
environments as well as the development of new flexible input sensors including

Bio: Michael Haller is a professor at the department of Interactive Media of
the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Hagenberg, Austria) and head
of the Media Interaction Lab (, responsible for computer graphics
& human-computer interaction. His core areas of expertise are smart graphics and
interaction developing next-generation user interfaces. He received Dipl.-Ing.
(1997), Dr. techn. (2001), and Habilitation (2007) degrees from Johannes Kepler
University of Linz, Austria. His current focus is on innovative interaction
techniques and interfaces for next generation working environments. Currently,
he leads a team of over 10 researchers and students.
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