Luk Cerman
Center For Machine Perception,
Department of Cybernetics,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Czech Technical University

Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Prague 2, Czech Republic
Fax: +420-2-24357385, Tel.: +420-2-24355762 work, +420-775-091714 mobile

Room: G10 (see plan of building G)

Current Position: PhD student, advisor Prof. Vclav Hlav (www)
Research Interests: Structural Video Analysis, Surveillance, Behavior analysis, 3-D Computer Vision, Image Processing, High Dynamic Range Imaging

Education: Bachelor in Computer Science at the Czech Technical University, thesis: "ACB Compression Algorithm", [PDF] (in Czech)

Master in Computer Science (branch System Programming) at the Czech Technical University, thesis: "High Dynamic Range Images from Multiple Exposures", [PDF]

One-week winter school -- 7th VIPS Advanced School on Computer Vision in Verona targeted to Stereo analysis and view synthesis in 3D video communication

One-week summer school -- AERFAI'06 Summer School in Granada on Action and Object Classification Techniques in Digital Images

Three-months internship -- autumn 2006 -- at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan, work on 3D shape registration, supervised by prof. Akihiro Sugimoto.

One-months internship -- spring 2009 -- at Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG), Graz, Austria, work on image based tracking, supervised by prof. Horst Bischof.


L. Cerman and V. Hlav. Exposure time estimation for high dynamic range imaging with hand held camera. In O. Chum and V. Franc, editors, CVWW06: Proceedings of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop 2006, pages 7681, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2006. Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics. [PDF], [Poster]

L. Cerman and A. Sugimoto and I. Shimizu. 3D Shape Registration with Estimating Illumination and Photometric Properties of a Convex Object. In M. Grabner and H. Grabner, editors, CVWW07: Proceedings of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop 2007, pages 7681, Graz, Austria, February 2007. Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology. [PDF]

L. Cerman and J. Matas and V. Hlav. Sputnik Tracker: Looking for a Companion Improves Robustness of the Tracker. In A. Salberg and J. Y. Hardeberg and R. Jenssen, editors, SCIA09: Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 16th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis 2009, pages 291-300, Oslo, Norway, June 2009. Springer-Verlag. [PDF], [Videos]

L. Cerman, V. Hlav. Tracking with Context as a Semi-Supervised Learning and Labeling Problem. In Proceedings of 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pages 2124--2127, Tsukuba, Japan, November 2012. IEEE Computer Society. [PDF], [Videos]

L. Cerman, V. Hlav. Hierarchical histogram for RGB color modeling. In Proceedings of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop, Hernstein, Austria, February 2013. Vienna University of Technology. [PDF]

Teaching: DZO – Digital Image Processing, course website (in Czech)

DIF – Digital Photography, course website (in Czech)

ZSO – Signal and Image Processing, course website (in Czech)

KUI – Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, course website (in Czech)

PVR – Computer Vision and Virtual Reality, course website (in Czech)

Pattern Recognition – Lecture on EM algorithm, [slides]

Language: Czech (native), English and German written and spoken
Skills: Programming in C/C++, Matlab, HTML, PHP, partly in Java, typesetting system TeX and LaTeX, very good experience with Windows software development.
Work Experience:

1999–2003 Participated in development of Servant Salamander (see

2003–2005 Illusion Softworks a.s., computer games development company

Hobbies: Active sport – orienteering running, cycling, climbing. I am also interested in photography, independent film and independent music scene. I like to drink good tea.
Activity: I have organised CMP Cross Country Skiing MMVII, CMP Cross Country Skiing MMVIII and CMP Cross Country Skiing MMIX
Other: My personal photo gallery.

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