Gender recognition from frontal facial images within project FP7-ICT-247525-HUMAVIPS



List of experiments

pre01--.--.----Function crop_scale_mex.c
01--.--.----Tunning parammeter C of SVM OCAS solver
02--.--.----Tunning size of base window for SVM OCAS solver
03a20.7.2010SVM Adaboost - testing 2D data
03--.--.----SVM Adaboost in action on LBP labels
04--.--.----Structural SVM learning by BMRM (only translation)
05--.--.----Structural SVM learning by BMRM (with scale & rotation)
05i--.--.----Experiment 05 learned by parallel BMRM
05p--.--.----Tunning parametr nPyramids on Structural model
05rNEW 14.5.2011NEW - Structural model - extension on aspect ratio
069.9.2010Multi-prototype SVM (without any transformation)
0810.9.2010Logistic regresion model - LRM
09a13.9.2010Multi-prototype LRM on syntethic dataset
0914.9.2010Multi-prototype LRM
1016.9.2010Estimation variances of transformations on testing dataset
H----.--.----Experiments with HOG:
H01--.--.----Tunning parammeter C of SVM OCAS solver and other parameters of HOG descriptor
H02--.--.----Comparing classification time
H03--.--.----Structural SVM with HOG descriptors (similar to exp. 05)