Randomized Structure from Motion
Based on Atomic 3D Models from Camera Triplets

Michal Havlena, Akihiko Torii, Jan Knopp, and Tomas Pajdla

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'CASTLE data set'

The 3D models of several partial reconstructions (see Figures 7, 8, and 9) together with sample input images:

castle_486.gif castle_486.png
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Right part of the St.Vitus Cathedral and other buildings in the square were reconstructed from 90 cameras, another 49 cameras were connected during gluing.

castle_407.gif castle_407.png
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Part of the Old Town Square with the clock tower was reconstructed from 69 cameras, another 39 cameras were connected during gluing.

castle_471.gif castle_471.png
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Entrance to the Prague Castle was reconstructed from 60 cameras, another 49 cameras were connected during gluing.

'DALIB data set'

The 3D model of the complete reconstruction (see Figure 3) together with sample input images:

dalib.gif dalib.png
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Partial reconstruction containing all 39 cameras from selected atomic 3D models was extended with 25 missing cameras during gluing.

Videos generated from our VRML model:

Open the AVI video
Open the AVI video
Left: Sparse model using voxels located at reconstructed 3D points positions. Right: Dense model constructed using a multiview stereo reconstruction algorithm (similar to Y. Furukawa and J. Ponce. Accurate, dense, and robust multiview stereopsis. In CVPR 2007.) Transparent textures are the input images located according to the computed camera poses.

All 13 atomic 3D models selected by our technique as the seeds for merging:

Images with final matches (denoted as yellow dots) Atomic 3D models
01.png a.gif
02.png b.gif
03.png c.gif
04.png d.gif
05.png e.gif
06.png f.gif
07.png g.gif
08.png h.gif
09.png i.gif
10.png j.gif
11.png k.gif
12.png l.gif
13.png m.gif