Personal fotography Pavel Krsek
Research Fellow

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Dept. of Cybernetics, Center for Machine Perception
Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Phone:+420 2 2435 7663, +420 2 2435 7458
Fax:+420 2 2435 7385

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Research Interests:

  • 3-D Computer Vision
    • Range finders
    • Construction of 3-D models
    • Registration of range images
  • 3-D and Differential Geometry
    • Differential parameters of surface
    • Differential structures (use for registration)
  • Computer Graphics
    • Model representation
    • Visualisation of 3-D scene

Qualification and Personal Data:

born in Prague, Czech Republic.
graduated Ing. (MSc.) in control engineering from the CTU Pargue. Topic of the MSc thesis "Control system of helicopter model".
full-time PhD student at the CTU Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Cybernetics, Center for Machine Perception.
18 month civil service
chief programmer in the PANcontrol Ltd.
research fellow at the CTU Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Center for Applied Cybernetics, Department of Machine Perception.
Ph.D. from the CTU Prague, Dept. of Cybernetics. Topic of my PhD thesis was "Range Image Registration Based on Differential Invariant Structures".

Research Fellowships:

8/1996- 9/1996 (6 weeks)
Netherlands, Delft Technical University.
Project: Mouth segmentation by active contours.
11/1997- 2/1998 (3 month)
Wales, University of Wales Cardiff. Department of computer science.
Project: Registration of range images based on differential structures.

Selected Publications:

List of all publications could be obtained from CMP BIB database by query "Krsek bibliography"

Pavel Juran, Pavel Krsek, Leon Rothkrantz, and Vaclav Hlavac.
Mouth segmentation using active contour.
Research report 96-158, Technical University Delft, Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics, Zuidplantsoen 4, Delft, Netherlands, August 1996.

KrsekOAGM98, Article and Extended abstract
Pavel Krsek, Tomas Pajdla, Vaclav Hlavac, and Ralph Martin.
Range image registration driven by a hierarchy of surface differential features.
In M. Gengler, M. Prinz, and E. Schuster, editors, 22nd Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition, pages 175-183, Piaristengasse 19, Wien, Austria, May 1998. Osterreichische Computer Gesellschaft.

KrsekMSC98, PostScript
Pavel Krsek, Gabor Lukacs, and Ralph Martin.
Algorithms for computing curvatures from range data.
In Robert Cripps, editor, The Mathematics of Surface VIII, pages 1-16, 47 Stokers Avenue, Winchester, UK, August 1998. Information Geometers.

Pavel Krsek, Tomas Pajdla, and Vaclav Hlavac.
Differential invariants as the base of triangulated surface registration.
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 87(1-3):27-38, July 2002.

Krsek-phd02, []
Pavel Krsek.
Registrace hloubkovych map na zaklade diferencialnich invariantnich struktur, (Range Image Registration Based on Differential Invariant Structures). In Czech.
Phd thesis, Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic, December 2002.


Czech Technical University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Dept. of Cybernetics
Center for Machine Perception

Technicka 2
166 27 Prague 6
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 2 2435 7663
+420 2 2435 7458
Fax: +420 2 2435 7385
E-mail: (short version) (obsolete)

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