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I am a Professor and a head of the Department of Cybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. I am a head of a small Biomedical Imaging Algorithms (BIA) group, which is a part of the Center for Machine Perception. My research mainly involves algorithms for medical and biological image processing. I am always looking for new collaborations and new projects, so if you have some interesting image data you need to analyze, feel free to contact me.

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  • Our article Martinez et al.: Fully-automated classification of bone marrow infiltration in low-dose {CT} of patients with multiple myeloma based on probabilistic density model and supervised learning was accepted to Computers in Biology and Medicine. Congratulations to Francisco! (1-Feb-2016)
  • I am a full professor now, effective from November 1. (18-Nov-2015)
  • Two submissions accepted to the SPIE Medical Imaging conference 2016. Congratulations to Jan Švihlík and Jiří Dvořák. (2-Nov-2015)
  • I have just created a Twitter account @JanKybic (13-Oct-2015)
  • Only two weeks until the paper submission deadline for ISBI 2016 we are co-organizing. (13-Oct-2015)
  • The Scientific Council of CTU has recommended me for the Professor title. Now it is in the President's hands. (16-Jun-2015)
  • Our articles Nava, Kybic: Supertexton-based segmentation in early Drosophila oogenesis, Martinez, Kybic, Lambert: Automatic detection of bone marrow infiltration by multiple myeloma detection in low-dose CT, and Pinheiro, Kybic: Geometrical graph matching using Monte Carlo tree search, have been accepted to the ICIP 2015 conference. Congratulations to Rodrigo, Francisco, and Miguel! (30-Apr-2015)
  • Our article Fast registration of segmented images by normal sampling was accepted to the BioImage Computing Workshop at CVPR 2015. (27-Apr-2015)
  • I will be visiting ISBI 2015 (8-Apr-2015)
  • My article Bootstrap Resampling for Image Registration Uncertainty Estimation without Ground Truth is considered to be among the 20% of the best scientific results of the last five years in the Czech Republic. (2-Mar-2015)
  • Job offer: I am looking for new PhD students, post-docs, or experienced independent programmers for various projects concerning analysis of images in biology and medicine, for example histology slice registration or perfusion CT data processing. The candidates should have very good knowledge of programming, mathematics, and image processing. If you are interested, please send me your CV, recommendation letters, sample publications, study result reports and other relevant documents. The positions are open until filled.

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