CMP Reading Group Instructions

Selecting a Paper

The paper should be:

Students should select a paper from the approved ones (see the list at the internal pages of CMP Reading Group or suggest their own. The suggestion should be consulted with the supervisor and has to be approved by the guarantor; this procedure takes some effort and time. Only papers fulfilling the above criteria could be accepted.


It is assumed that everyone attending the Reading Group has read the paper – not necessarily understanding everything, but at least knowing which parts he/she does not understand. Preferably, send questions about the unclear parts to the speaker at least one day in advance.

Preparation of Speaker

  1. Be ready to answer questions which came in advance and to explain parts which seemed difficult to you (prepare slides to support your explanation).
  2. Check the essential references and know what they are about.
  3. (optional) Explain necessary background knowledge, typically mathematical, which is assumed by the authors but probably not known by everyone.
  4. (optional) Check if there has been some new progress (look into citations on CiteSeer).
  5. (optional) Prepare some clarifying slides or demonstrations.

Reading Group