Tomas Pajdla:

 Multi View 3D Reconstruction

Factorization for perspective & omnidirectional central images with missing data and outliers provides
consistent  3D reconstructions from many views. Lenses with large view field and circular symmetry allow  for a metric reconstruction. See

B.Micusik, D.Martinec, T.Pajdla. 3D Metric Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Omnidirectional Images. ACCV 2004, Korea January 2003. (automatic correspondece, autocalibration, and metric reconstruction from many wide base-line wide-angle-of-view (Canon EOS-D1 with Sigma 180x360 lens) images)

D.Martinec, T.Pajdla. Structure from Many Perspective Images with Occlusions. ECCV 2002, pp. 355-369, Springer LNCS, May 2002. (projective factorization with missing data = projective depth estimation using Sturm & Triggs method + Extension of Jacobs filling method from affine to perspective camera)

for projective factorization & metric reconstruction from 13 central omnidirectional images.

References and links to papers can be found at T.Pajdla's homepage: