Tomas Pajdla:

 Geometry of Non-Central Projections 

(also known as plenoptic functions, light fields, or non-single-viewpoint cameras)


X-Slits & Pushbroom

Real catadioptric

Circular panorama

Non-central cameras project scenes into images along a general set of lines that need not meet in a point.

See presentations:

  1. Stereo Geometries of Non-central Cameras @ Computer Vision Colloquium 2001   
    (stereo geometry of non-central cameras, nice linear cameras generated by collineations in P³)
  2. Omnidirectional Vision Course @ ICCV 2003  
    (epipolar geometry estimation of  dioptric & catadioptric omnidirectional cameras, stereo geometry of non-central cameras)

for elements of the theory of multiple non-central cameras & examples of real non-central cameras.
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