Rectification of omnidirectional image pairs for MATLAB

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OmniRect MATLAB toolbox is a software implementing various rectification methods for omnidirectional image pairs. The toolbox is part of Master's Thesis `Stereo reconstruction from wide-angle images'. The thesis contains detailed explanation of several rectification methods as well as complete documentation of OmniRect toolbox.

Abstract  The thesis presents rectification methods of an omnidirectional stereo pair. Several methods are developed and a novel rectification method called stereographic rectification is introduced. In the second part of the thesis, a method of 3D reconstruction from a stereo pair rectified using an arbitrary method of the adduced methods is presented. Further, a method of judging the accuracy of an essential matrix based on the stereographic rectification is devised. At the end of the thesis, several examples of image pairs rectified by OmniRect MATLAB toolbox developed as a part of this work, are shown.
Keywords  omnidirectional camera, rectification, 3D reconstruction

The thesis can be downloaded as thesis.pdf (~5MB).


The latest version:
This version is known to work with gcc 4.1.2 and MATLAB 7.5. The software was tested on Linux, however, it should run on Windows as well.


The following listing shows the content of the distribution:
The only entry point to the toolbox is the function omnirect. The input of the function is the image pair and various parameters, output is the rectified image pair. The following shows and explains how to call the Matlab function omnirect:

[rim1, rim2] = omnirect(im1, im2, calib1, calib2, F, rectfunc, affine, intfunc);

See the thesis, Appendix A, for the full documentation of the OmniRect toolbox.


This section shows an omnidirectional image pair rectified using all available methods of the OmniRect toolbox. See the thesis, Appendix B, for more examples of omnidirectional image pairs rectified using OmniRect.

rectification example rectification example
Original omnidirectional image pair with several epipolar curves
spherical rectification example spherical rectification example
Latitudal rectification (Spherical rectification)
swapped spherical rectification example swapped spherical rectification example
Longitudal rectification (Swapped spherical rectification)
bipolar rectification example bipolar rectification example
Bipolar rectification
stereographic rectification example stereographic rectification example
Stereographic rectification


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