Known problems

Known bugs in all current dmsdos releases:

- In some 2.1.XX kernels umsdos support is broken. Get at least 2.1.94 if you want to use umsdos-style long filenames in CVFs. For 2.0.xx kernels everything is okay.

- Advanced memory allocation (XMALLOC) may crash a 2.1.xx system. I once got a report of a serious crash with old dmsdosfs. The code for XMALLOC has never been changed, but the kernel keeps changing... It is known to work without problems under 2.0.33.

- Writable mmap support must be turned *on* for some 2.1.xx kernels. The code fails to compile if it is switched off, so you'll see it quite early :)

The bugs listed above will never be fixed. Please adapt your setup so they do not hurt your system.

Other bugs: