DECH: Measuring Breathing Movements by a Photogrammetric Method


To develop a photogrammetric system for 3D calibrated acquisition of breathing movements and the characterization of such data to obtain features suitable for the evaluation of the dynamic stability of the spine.

In the first stage of the project the system will comprise synchronous image capture from 6 digital camera at rate close to 10fps and video sequence off-line analysis software for obtaining 3D measurements.


Internal Grant Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health under grant NK/7735-3.


Project Participants

Pavel Strnad 1   principal investigator
František Véle 1
Jiří Čumpelík 1
Michaela Veverková 2
Radim Šára3 principal co-investigator
Vladimír Smutný 3
Vít Zýka 3 (former)
Jiří Čihák3 (former)
Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University, Prague
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Postgraduate Medical School, Prague
Center for Machine Perception, Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

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Radim Šára
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