Panoramic Cameras for 3D Computation

In proceedings Czech Pattern Recognition Workshop, Czech Society for Pattern Recognition, February 2000, pages 63--70.

Tomas Svoboda , Tomas Pajdla and Vaclav Hlavac

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Abstract: In this paper, we review design and principles of existing panoramic cameras. Panoramic cameras which enable 3D computation in reasonable time for real time applications are emphasized. We classify panoramic cameras w.r.t. their construction, field of view, and existence of a single projective center. Using this classification we state a utility of the central catadioptric panoramic cameras. We show from which mirrors and conventional cameras can be constructed and expose that they are the only ones for which the epipolar geometry can be simply generalized.
omnidirectional vision, epipolar geometry, panoramic cameras, hyperbolic mirror, stereo, catadioptric sensors.