G. Tolias - Γ. Τόλιας

Giorgos Tolias

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Machine Perception in Prague working with Ondrej Chum. Before I was at the LinkMedia team of Inria Rennes. I obtained my Ph.D from the National Technical University of Athens and the Image and Video Analysis Team (IVA). My work mainly focuses on the area of computer vision and particularly on large scale retrieval.

News:Mar2019:Two papers accepted to CVPR 2019: deep local descriptors and semi-supervised deep learning.

Nov2018:Our local descriptor paper was accepted to IJCV.

Oct2018:Code, training data, and models available for deep shape matching.

Oct2018:Hybrid diffusion accepcted to ACCV 2018.

Sep2018:Code available for our Mining on Manifolds CVPR 2018 paper.

Jul2018:One paper on Deep Shape Matching accepted to ECCV 2018.

Jun2018: Our team was ranked 3rd in the Google Landmark Recognition Challenge: see presentation

May2018: Our work on image retrieval with CNNs is accepted to PAMI. Available implementations in MatConvNet and PyTorch.

Mar2018: Three papers accepted to CVPR 2018: Mining on Manifolds, Fast Spectral Ranking, and Revisiting Oxford and Paris.

Jan2018: Co-organizing the Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge at CVPR 2018.

A.B@cmp.felk.cvut.cz (replace A by giorgos and B by tolias)
Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Office: G3 (building G, room 3),