G. Tolias - Γ. Τόλιας

Giorgos Tolias

I am a postdoctoral researcher at Center for Machine Perception in Prague working with Ondrej Chum. Before I was at the LinkMedia team of Inria Rennes. I obtained my Ph.D from the National Technical University of Athens and the Image and Video Analysis Team (IVA). My work mainly focuses on the area of computer vision and particularly on large scale retrieval.

News:>Dec2017: Paper accepted to WACV 2018.

Oct2017: Code available for the local descriptor of our BMVC 2017 paper.

Sep2017: Learning sketch representation without drawing a single sketch paper on arXiv.

Sep2017: Our work got the Best Science Paper Award - Honorable Mention at BMVC 2017.

Sep2017: Fast Spectral Ranking paper on arXiv.

Jul2017: Matlab code for siamese CNN training for image retrieval.

Jul2017: Paper on multiple-kernel local descriptor accepted as an oral to BMVC 2017.

May2017: Co-organizing the Place Recognition - Image-Based Localization tutorial to CVPR.

Mar2017: Paper on location recognition accepted to ICMR 2017.

Mar2017: Two papers accepted to CVPR 2017: sketches and diffusion.

Mar2017: I am co-organizing Vision and Sports Summer School 2017. Registration is open.

Feb2017: New but old: Code for our kernelized local descriptor. Ranked 3rd on HBench.

Dec2016: Diffusion on Region Manifolds paper on arXiv and project page.

Jul2016: Data and code available for our ECCV 2016 paper.

Jul2016: Paper accepted to ECCV 2016 as oral.

Apr2016: CNN retrieval learns from BoW paper on arXiv.

Mar2016: Code for R-MAC and localization with integral max-pooling (ICLR 2016).

Mar2016: Vision and Sports Summer School 2016 registration is open.

Feb2016: Paper accepted to ICLR 2016. Code coming soon.

Sep2015: I am now a post-doctoral researcher at CMP, Prague.

Jul2015: Paper accepted to Computer Vision and Image Understanding.

Apr2015: Paper accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Mar2015: Paper accepted to ICMR 2015.

Mar2015: Paper accepted to IJCV.

A.B@cmp.felk.cvut.cz (replace A by giorgos and B by tolias)
Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Office: G3 (building G, room 3),