E33OTS - General Systems Theory

lecturer: Radim Sara,  Department of Cybernetics

This course is run in "Consultation Mode".

Regular meeting time: Wednesday, 7:30am, room K5, Karlovo namesti 13, building E.

Next meeting: Wednesday November 3, 7:30am

We will study relevant material from books and discuss them at the meetings. Every attendee will receive photocopies of the material at the meetings.

Course plan:

  1. Entropy: definition, properties.
  2. Contingency analysis for structure hypothesis.
  3. Optimal histogramming.
  4. Sample estimators from entropy, Kozachenko-Leonenko estimate, bias and variance, leave-one-out method, jackknife method.
  5. General system: definition.
  6. Modeling dynamical systems, mask.
  7. Selecting proper mask to minimize generative uncertainty.
  8. Selecting base variable resolution.
  9. Maximum entropy system reconstruction from partial systems.
  10. Estimating system structure by systematic decomposition.
  11. Examples, case studies.