P33ZVD - Introduction to Computer Vision

Winter 2003/2004, 2 hours lecture + 2 hours exercises per week, i.e., 90 minutes lecture weekly, exercise.

The lecture in the lecture room K112 (Vycichlova knihovna), building E at the Karlovo namesti campus
of the CTU on Fridays from 9:15 till 10:45.

Lecturer    Professor Vaclav Hlavac
Center for Machine Perception, Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU Prague
, http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~hlavac

With help of Mgr. Ondrej Drbohlav, drbohlav@cmp.felk.cvut.cz, Ing. V. Franc, xfrancv@cmp.felk.cvut.cz, Ing. V. Smutny, smutny@cmp.felk.cvut.cz

Instructor of the exercises    Mr Tomas Pajdla (make an arrangement with him individually by an email.)
, http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~pajdla}

Praha, September 22, 2003

Plan of the lectures

No Data Lecture content Electronic material
1 3.10.2003   What is computer vision? Low-level image processing and high-level vision. Representation and basic properties of images. Fourier transform. Digital image.
2 10.10.2003   Image formation, acquisition. Color.  Image acquisition, cameras.
3 17.10.2003   Image analysis as analysis of a 2D signal. Linear integral transformations, image preprocessing (1). Fourier tx 1D. Fourier tx 2D. Fourierova filtrace. FFT.
4 24.10.2003   Image preprocessing (2). Marr's theory of edge detection. Scale space. Preprocessing in mage domain. Edge detection.
5 31.10.2003   Image segmentation. Description of objects in images. (O. Drbohlav) Segmentation (thresholding)
6 7.11.2003   Basics of Pattern Recognition. (V. Franc).  
7 14.11.2003   Mathematical morphology (1).  
8 21.11.2003   2D computer vision for industrial and other applications.  (V. Smutny).  
9 28.11.2003   Mathematical morphology (2). Texture.  
10 5.12.2003   Detection of distinguished primitives in images. Hough transform.  
11 12.12.2003   Introduction to 3D vision. Marr's theory. 3D vision geometry. More cameras.  
12 19.12.2003   Correspondence problem. Reconstruction of 3D scenes.  
13 9.01.2004 Motion analysis.  
14 16.01.2004 Image and video compression.