XE33PVR - Computer Vision and Virtual Reality

XE33PVR - Computer Vision and Virtual Reality

XE33PVR Computer Vision and Virtual Reality
Winter Term 2008/2009


The number of images and videos around us, especially on the internet, is ever growing. The demand on processing the available visual information is also increasing and new applications are emerging. We will learn essential computer vision algorithms for the above applications.

Prerequisites: linear algebra and probability theory at undergraduate level, some knowledge of image processing is advantageous but it is not required


Subject grading: 50 points for assignments and tests, 50 points for written (closed book) exam. [50-65 -> 3; 66-85 -> 2; 86-100 -> 1]. Written examination takes 90 minutes. Further questions will be asked after the written exam is evaluated.

Sudden Death:

You may be asked a question from basics of linear algebra or probability theory. Failing to answer such a question implies failing the exam. The list of the question will be posted here.

Vector norm, dot product, orhogonality.
Linearly (in)dependent vectors.
Systems of linear equations.
Least squares formulation and solution.
Probability, binomial coefficients.


19th January, 12:45


Lecture schedule with links to slides. Please note the Last update column which shows the last update of the lecture slides.


Computer labs schedule.


There is no single book which would cover the topic entirely. The lecture slides (notes) are usually accompanied with references to recommended reading. Generally, we will make use of the following books:
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