XP33ZVD - Introduction to Computer Vision

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The instruktor for exercises is Doc. Dr. Boris Flach (tuition goes in English because the teacher does not speak Czech).

The exercises have two goals.

  1. We like to teach a PhD candidate how to write a scientific paper and prove it on a domain related both to student's own research and computer vision. The student either works on his own research paper to be submitted elsewhere the topic of which is related at least loosely to computer vision. If the student's own research is too far from this subject then he will be given a topic which is expected to be studied and described in a research report. The text has to be written in English. After the topic is agreed with the instructor, the students works on it individually. However, the student is recommended to conduct personal consultations with the instructor regularly. The job has to be finished before the end of the lecturing, ideally.
  2. The student has to acquire some practical skills with computer vision algorithms. The student has to solve one of the MATLAB programming assignments from the Svoboda T., Kybic J., Hlavac V.: Image Processing, Analysis and Machine vision - A MATLAB Companion, Thomson Engineering, Toronto, Canada, August 2007, see http://visionbook.felk.cvut.cz. The particular assignment will be selected in cooperation with V. Hlavac. The student is supposed to document well the solution in the protocol written in English.

Requirements for the credit: approved own paper and one solved assignment which will contribute to visionbook.felk.cvut.cz.

Examination: Written test + oral discussion.

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