ECCV 2004 - Main Conference Program, May 11-14

Mon 10 May    
20:00 Welcome party    
Tue 11 May    
9:00 - 9:10 Opening
9:10 - 9:20 A tribute to Christopher Longuet-Higgins (11/04/23 - 27/03/04)
Olivier Faugeras
9:20 - 10:30 Session 1   Tracking I
  1. A Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation
  Rene Vidal,  Yi Ma
  2. Enhancing Particle Filters using Local Likelihood Sampling
  Peter Torma, Csaba Szepesvari
  3. A Boosted Particle Filter: Multitarget Detection and Tracking
  Kenji Okuma,  Ali Taleghani, Nando de Freitas, James J. Little, David G. Lowe
10:30 - 10:50 Coffee Break    
10:50 - 12:00 Session 2   Feature-based Object Detection and Recognition I
    1. Simultaneous Object Recognition and Segmentation by Image Exploration
      Vittorio Ferrari, Tinne Tuytelaars, Luc Van Gool
    2. Recognition by Probabilistic Hypothesis Construction
      Pierre Moreels, Michael Maire, Pietro Perona
    3. Human Detection Based on a Probabilistic Assembly of Robust Part Detectors
      K. Mikolajczyk, C. Schmid, A. Zisserman
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break    
13:30 - 16:00 Session 3   Posters I
    1. Model Selection for Range Segmentation of Curved Objects
      Alireza Bab-Hadiashar, Niloofar Gheissari
    2. High-Contrast Color-Stripe Pattern for Rapid Structured-Light Range Imaging
      Changsoo Je, Sang Wook Lee, Rae-Hong Park
    3. Using Inter-Feature-Line Consistencies for Sequence-Based Object Recognition
      Jiun-Hung Chen, Chu-Song Chen
  4. Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
  Shuicheng Yan, Hongjiang Zhang, Yuxiao Hu, Benyu Zhang, Qiansheng Cheng
    5. Multiscale Inverse Compositional Alignment for Subdivision Surface Maps
      Igor Guskov
    6. A Fourier Theory for Cast Shadows
      Ravi Ramamoorthi, Melissa Koudelka, Peter Belhumeur
    7. Surface Reconstruction by Propagating 3D Stereo Data in Multiple 2D Images
      Gang Zeng, Sylvain Paris, Long Quan, Maxime Lhuillier
    8. A Correlation-Based Approach to Robust Point Set Registration
      Yanghai Tsin, Takeo Kanade
    9. Camera Calibration from the Quasi-Affine Invariance of Two Parallel Circles
      Yihong Wu, Haijiang Zhu, Zhanyi Hu, Fuchao Wu
    10. Texton Correlation for Recognition
      Thomas Leung
    11. Multiple View Feature Descriptors from Image Sequences via Kernel Principal Component Analysis
      Jason Meltzer, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Rakesh Gupta, Stefano Soatto
    12. An Affine Invariant Salient Region Detector
      Timor Kadir, Andrew Zisserman, Michael Brady
    13. A Visual Category Filter for Google Images
      R. Fergus, P.  Perona, A. Zisserman
    14. Scene and Motion Reconstruction from Defocused and Motion-Blurred Images via Anisotropic Diffusion
      Paolo Favaro, Martin Burger, Stefano Soatto
    15. Semantics Discovery for Image Indexing
      Joo-Hwee Lim, Jesse S. Jin
    16. Hand Gesture Recognition within a Linguistics-Based Framework
      Konstantinos G. Derpanis, Richard P. Wildes, John K. Tsotsos
    17. Line Geometry for 3D Shape Understanding and Reconstruction
      Helmut Pottmann, Michael Hofer, Boris Odehnal, Johannes Wallner
    18. Extending Interrupted Feature Point Tracking for 3-D Affine Reconstruction
      Yasuyuki Sugaya, Kenichi Kanatani
    19. Many-to-Many Feature Matching Using Spherical Coding of Directed Graphs
      M. Fatih Demirci, Ali Shokoufandeh, Sven Dickinson, Yakov Keselman, Lars Bretzner
    20. Coupled-Contour Tracking through Non-orthogonal Projections and Fusion for Echocardiography
      Xiang Sean Zhou, Dorin Comaniciu, Sriram Krishnan
  21. A Statistical Model for General Contextual Object Recognition
  Peter Carbonetto, Nando de Freitas, Kobus Barnard
    22. Reconstruction from Projections using Grassmann Tensors
      Richard I. Hartley, Fred Schaffalitzky
    23. Co-operative Multi-Target Tracking and Classification
      Pankaj Kumar, Surendra Ranganath, Kuntal Sengupta, Huang Weimin
    24. A Linguistic Feature Vector for the Visual Interpretation of Sign Language
      Richard Bowden, David Windridge, Timor Kadir, Andrew Zisserman, Michael Brady
    25. Fast Object Detection with Occlusions
      Yen-Yu Lin, Tyng-Luh Liu, Chiou-Shann Fuh
  26. Pose Estimation of Free-form Objects
  Bodo Rosenhahn, Gerald Sommer
    27. Interactive Image Segmentation using an Adaptive GMMRF Model
      A. Blake, C. Rother, M. Brown, P. Perez, P. Torr
    28. Can We Consider Central Catadioptric Cameras and Fisheye Cameras within a Unified Imaging Model
      Xianghua Ying, Zhanyi Hu
    29. Image Clustering with Metric, Local Linear Structure and Affine Symmetry
      Jongwoo Lim, Jeffrey Ho, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Kuang-chih Lee, David Kriegman
    30. Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns
      Timo Ahonen, Abdenour Hadid, Matti Pietikainen
    31. Steering in Scale Space to Optimally Detect Image Structures
      Jeffrey Ng, Anil A. Bharath
    32. Hand Motion from 3D Point Trajectories and a Smooth Surface Model
      Guillaume Dewaele, Frederic Devernay, Radu Horaud
    33. A Robust Probabilistic Estimation Framework for Parametric Image Models
      Maneesh Singh, Himanshu Arora, Narendra Ahuja
    34. Keyframe Selection for Camera Motion and Structure Estimation from Multiple Views
      Thorsten Thormahlen, Hellward Broszio, Axel Weissenfeld
    35. Omnidirectional Vision: Unified Model Using Conformal Geometry
      Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, Carlos Lopez-Franco
    36. A Robust Algorithm for Characterizing Anisotropic Local Structures
      Kazunori Okada, Dorin Comaniciu, Navneet Dalal, Arun Krishnan
    37. Dimensionality Reduction by Canonical Contextual Correlation Projections
      Marco Loog, Bram van Ginneken, Robert P. W. Duin
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break    
16:30 - 18:00 Session 4   Illumination, Reflectance, and Reflection
    1. Accuracy of Spherical Harmonic Approximations for Images of Lambertian Objects Under Far and Near Lighting
      Darya Frolova, Denis Simakov, Ronen Basri
    2. Characterization of Human Faces under Illumination Variations using Rank, Integrability, and Symmetry Constraints
      S. Kevin Zhou, Rama Chellappa, David W. Jacobs
  3. User Assisted Separation of Reflections from a Single Image using a Sparsity Prior
  Anat Levin, Yair Weiss
    4. The Quality of Catadioptric Imaging -- Application to Omnidirectional Stereo
      W. Sturzl, H.-J. Dahmen, H. A. Mallot
19:00 Reception    
20:00 IJCV Editorial Board Dinner    
Wed 12 May    
9:00 - 10:30 Session 5   Geometry
    1. A Generic Concept for Camera Calibration
      Peter Sturm, Srikumar Ramalingam
    2. General Linear Cameras
      Jingyi Yu, Leonard McMillan
    3. A Framework For Pencil-of-Points Structure-From-Motion
      Adrien Bartoli, Mathieu Coquerelle, Peter Sturm
  4. What Do Four Points in Two Calibrated Images Tell Us About the Epipoles?
  David Nister, Frederik Schaffalitzky
10:30 - 10:50 Coffee Break    
10:50 - 12:00 Session 6   Feature-based Object Detection and Recognition II
    1. Dynamic Visual Search Using Inner-Scene Similarity: Algorithms and Inherent Limitations
      Tamar Avraham, Michael Lindenbaum
    2. Weak Hypotheses and Boosting for Generic Object Detection and Recognition
      A. Opelt, M. Fussenegger, A. Pinz, P. Auer
    3. Object Level Grouping for Video Shots
      Josef Sivic, Frederik Schaffalitzky, Andrew Zisserman
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break    
13:30 - 16:00 Session 7   Posters II & Demos
    1. Statistical Symmetric Shape from Shading for 3D Structure Recovery of Faces
      Roman Dovgard, Ronen Basri
    2. Region-based Segmentation on Evolving Surfaces with Application to 3D Reconstruction of Shape and Piecewise Constant Radiance
      Hailin Jin, Anthony J. Yezzi, Stefano Soatto
    3. Human Upper Body Pose Estimation in Static Images
      Mun Wai Lee, Isaac Cohen
    4. Automated Optic Disc Localization and Contour Detection Using Ellipse Fitting and Wavelet Transform
      P M D S Pallawala, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee, Kah-Guan Au Eong
    5. View-Invariant Recognition Using Corresponding Object Fragments
      Evgeniy Bart, Evgeny Byvatov, Shimon Ullman
    6. Variational Pairing of Image Segmentation and Blind Restoration
      Leah Bar, Nir Sochen, Nahum Kiryati
    7. Towards Intelligent Mission Profiles of Micro Air Vehicles: Multiscale Viterbi Classification
      Sinisa Todorovic, Michael C. Nechyba
    8. Stitching and Reconstruction of Linear-Pushbroom Panoramic Images for Planar Scenes
      Chu-Song Chen, Yu-Ting Chen, Fay Huang
    9. Audio-video Integration for Background Modelling
      Marco Cristani, Manuele Bicego, Vittorio Murino
    10. A Combined PDE and Texture Synthesis Approach to Inpainting
      Harald Grossauer
    11. Face Recognition from Facial Surface Metric
      Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Alon Spira, Ron Kimmel
    12. Image and Video Segmentation by Anisotropic Kernel Mean Shift
      Jue Wang, Bo Thiesson, Yingqing Xu, Michael Cohen
  13. Colour Texture Segmentation by Region-Boundary Cooperation
  Jordi Freixenet, Xavier Munoz, Joan Marti, Xavier Llado
    14. Spectral Solution of Large-scale Extrinsic Camera Calibration as a Graph Embedding Problem
      Matthew Brand, Matthew Antone, Seth Teller
    15. Estimating Intrinsic Images from Image Sequences with Biased Illumination
      Yasuyuki Matsushita, Stephen Lin, Sing Bing Kang, Heung-Yeung Shum
    16. Structure and Motion from Images of Smooth Textureless Objects
      Yasutaka Furukawa, Amit Sethi, Jean Ponce, David Kriegman
    17. Automatic Non-Rigid 3D Modeling from Video
      Lorenzo Torresani, Aaron Hertzmann
    18. From a 2D Shape to a String Structure using the Symmetry Set
      Arjan Kuijper, Ole Fogh Olsen, Peter Giblin, Philip Bille, Mads Nielsen
    19. Extrinsic Camera Parameter Recovery from Multiple Image Sequences Captured by an Omni-directional Multi-camera System
      Tomokazu Sato, Sei Ikeda, Naokazu Yokoya
  20.  Evaluation of Robust Fitting Based Detection
  Sio-Song Ieng, Jean-Philippe Tarel, Pierre Charbonnier
    21. Local Orientation Smoothness Prior for Vascular Segmentation of Angiography
      Wilbur C. K. Wong, Albert C. S. Chung, Simon C. H. Yu
    22. Weighted Minimal Hypersurfaces and Their Applications in Computer Vision
      Bastian Goldlucke, Marcus Magnor
    23. Interpolating Novel Views from Image Sequences by Probabilistic Depth Carving
      Annie Yao, Andrew Calway
    24. Sparse Finite Elements for Geodesic Contours with Level-Sets
      Martin Weber, Andrew Blake, Roberto Cipolla
    25. Hierarchical Implicit Surface Joint Limits to Constrain Video-Based Motion Capture
      Lorna Herda, Raquel Urtasun, Pascal Fua
    26. Separating Specular, Diffuse, and Subsurface Scattering Reflectances from Photometric Images
      Tai-Pang Wu, Chi-Keung Tang
    27. Temporal Factorization Vs. Spatial Factorization
      Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Michal Irani
    28. Tracking aspects of the foreground against the background
      Hieu T. Nguyen, Arnold Smeulders
  29. Example-Based Stereo with General BRDFs
  Adrien Treuille, Aaron Hertzmann, Steven M. Seitz
    30. Adaptive Probabilistic Visual Tracking with Incremental Subspace Update
      David Ross, Jongwoo Lim, Ming-Hsuan Yang
    31. On Refractive Optical Flow
      Sameer Agarwal, Satya P. Mallick, David Kriegman, Serge Belongie
    32. Matching Tensors for Automatic Correspondence and Registration
      Ajmal S. Mian, Mohammed Bennamoun, Robyn Owens
    33. A Biologically Motivated and Computationally Tractable Model of Low and Mid-Level Vision Tasks
      Iasonas Kokkinos, Rachid Deriche, Petros Maragos, Olivier Faugeras
    34. Appearance Based Qualitative Image Description for Object Class Recognition
      Johan Thureson, Stefan Carlsson
    35. Consistency Conditions on the Medial Axis
      Anthony Pollitt, Peter Giblin, Benjamin Kimia
  36. Normalized Cross-Correlation for Spherical Images
  Lorenzo Sorgi, Kostas Daniilidis
    37. Bias in the Localization of Curved Edges
      Paulo R. S. Mendonca, Dirk Padfield, James Miller, Matt Turek
  38. Tensor Field Segmentation Using Region Based Active Contour Model
  Zhizhou Wang, Baba C. Vemuri
13:30 - 16:00   Demos in the demo room
    1. i2i: Three-dimensional Visual Communication
      A. Criminisi, G. Cross, A. Blake, G. Smyth and C. Rother
    2. Personalized 3D Face Model Reconstruction from Single Image
      Yuxiao Hu, Shuicheng Yan, Dalong Jiang, Yi Zhou, and Rong Xiao
    3. Use Your Face for Interface — Real-time image processing can make your face an input device
      Shinji Kawato, Akiro Utsumi and Kazuhiro Kuwabara
    4. ScaleSpaceViz: Visualizing alpha-Scale Spaces
      F.M.W. Kanters, L.M.J. Florack, R. Duits, and B. Platel
    5. Rapid detection of salient regions in bimodal 3D data with a computational attention system
      Simone Frintrop, Erich Rome
    6. A Component-based Approach to Activity Interpretation
      Markus Vincze,Wolfgang Ponweiser,Michael Zillich, Minu Ayromlou, Vaclav Hlavac, Jiri Matas, Stepan Obdrzalek,
Jan Palecek, Hilary Buxton, Jon Howell, Kingsley Sage, Stelios Orphanoudakis, Antonis Argyros, Cedric Groyer, 
Manolis Lourakis, Christof Eberst, Gerald Umgeher
    7. Real-time infrared tracking system
      M. Foursa and M. Kolesnik
      Demos shown at poster sessions
    1. Tue 11 May poster No. 27
      GRABCUT: Interactive Foreground Extraction with Iterated Graph Cuts
Carsten Rother, Vladimir Kolmogorov and Andrew Blake
    2. Wed 12 May poster No. 10
      Where’s my mobile phone gone — fully automatic image retouching
Harald Grossauer
    3. Thu 13 May poster No. 10
      Mining News Video Archives Using Identical Shot Relatio
Shin’ichi Satoh, Fuminori Yamagishi and Masao Sakauchi
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break    
16:30 - 18:00 Session 8   Texture
    1. Texture Boundary Detection for Real-Time Tracking
      Ali Shahrokni, Tom Drummond, Pascal Fua
    2. A TV Flow Based Local Scale Measure for Texture Discrimination
      Thomas Brox, Joachim Weickert
    3. Spatially Homogeneous Dynamic Textures
      Gianfranco Doretto, Eagle Jones, Stefano Soatto
    4. Synthesizing Dynamic Texture with Closed-loop Linear Dynamic System
      Lu Yuan, Fang Wen, Ce Liu, Heung-Yeung Shum
20:00 ECCV Board & AC Dinner    
Thu 13 May    
9:00 - 10:30 Session 9   Learning and Recognition
    1. A Constrained Semi-Supervised Learning Approach to Data Association
      Hendrik Kuck, Peter Carbonetto, Nando de Freitas
    2. Learning Mixtures of Weighted Tree-Unions by Minimizing Description Length
      Andrea Torsello, Edwin R. Hancock
    3. Decision Theoretic Modeling of Human Facial Displays
      Jesse Hoey, James J. Little
  4. Kernel Feature Selection with Side Data using a Spectral Approach
  Amnon Shashua, Lior Wolf
10:30 - 10:50 Coffee Break    
10:50 - 12:00 Session 10   Tracking II
    1. Tracking Articulated Motion using a Mixture of Autoregressive Models
      Ankur Agarwal, Bill Triggs
    2. Novel Skeletal Representation For Articulated Creatures
      Gabriel J. Brostow, Irfan Essa, Drew Steedly, Vivek Kwatra
    3. An Accuracy Certified Augmented Reality System for Therapy Guidance
      S. Nicolau, X. Pennec, L. Soler, N. Ayache
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break    
13:30 - 16:00 Session 11   Posters III
    1. 3D Human Body Tracking using Deterministic Temporal Motion Models
      Raquel Urtasun, Pascal Fua
    2. Robust Fitting by Adaptive-Scale Residual Consensus
      Hanzi Wang, David Suter
    3. Causal Camera Motion Estimation by Condensation and Robust Statistics Distance Measures
      Tal Nir, Alfred M. Bruckstein
    4. An Adaptive Window Approach for Image Smoothing and Structures Preserving
      Charles Kervrann
    5. Extraction of Semantic Dynamic Content from Videos with Probabilistic Motion Models
      Gwenaelle Piriou, Patrick Bouthemy, Jian-Feng Yao
    6. Are Iterations and Curvature Useful for Tensor Voting?
      Sylvain Fischer, Pierre Bayerl, Heiko Neumann, Gabriel Cristobal, Rafael Redondo
    7. A Feature-based Approach for Determining Dense Long Range Correspondences
      Josh Wills, Serge Belongie
    8. Combining Geometric- and View-Based Approaches for Articulated Pose Estimation
      David Demirdjian
    9. Shape Matching and Recognition--Using Generative Models and Informative Features
      Zhuowen Tu, Alan L. Yuille
    10. Generalized Histogram: Empirical Optimization of Low Dimensional Features for Image Matching
      Shin'ichi Satoh
    11. Recognizing Objects in Range Data Using Regional Point Descriptors
      Andrea Frome, Daniel Huber, Ravi Kolluri, Thomas Bulow, Jitendra Malik
    12. Shape Reconstruction from 3D and 2D Data Using PDE-Based Deformable Surfaces
      Ye Duan, Liu Yang, Hong Qin, Dimitris Samaras
    13. Structure and Motion Problems for Multiple Rigidly Moving Cameras
      Henrik Stewenius, Kalle Astrom
    14. Detection and Tracking Scheme for Line Scratch Removal in an Image Sequence
      Bernard Besserer, Cedric Thire
    15. Color Constancy Using Local Color Shifts
      Marc Ebner
  16. Image Anisotropic Diffusion Based on Gradient Vector Flow Fields
  Yu Hongchuan, Chua Chin-Seng
    17. Optimal Importance Sampling for Tracking in Image Sequences: Application to Point Tracking
      Elise Arnaud, Etienne Memin
    18. Learning to Segment
      Eran Borenstein, Shimon Ullman
  19. MCMC-based Multiview Reconstruction of Piecewise Smooth Subdivision Curves with a Variable Number of Control Points
  Michael Kaess, Rafal Zboinski, Frank Dellaert
    20. Bayesian Correction of Image Intensity with Spatial Consideration
      Jiaya Jia, Jian Sun, Chi-Keung Tang, Heung-Yeung Shum
    21. Stretching Bayesian Learning in the Relevance Feedback of Image Retrieval
      Ruofei Zhang, Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang
    22. Real-time Tracking of Multiple Skin-colored Objects with a Possibly Moving Camera
      Antonis A. Argyros, I. A. Lourakis
    23. Evaluation of Image Fusion Performance with Visible Differences
      Vladimir Petrovic, Costas Xydeas
    24. An Information-based Measure for Grouping Quality
      Erik A. Engbers, Michael Lindenbaum, Arnold W. M. Smeulders
    25. Bias in Shape Estimation
      Hui Ji, Cornelia Fermuller
    26. Contrast Marginalised Gradient Template Matching
      Saleh Basalamah, Anil Bharath, Donald McRobbie
  27. The Kullback-Leibler Kernel as a Framework for Discriminant and Localized Representations for Visual Recognition
  Nuno Vasconcelos, Purdy Ho, Pedro Moreno
    28. Partial Object Matching with Shapeme Histograms
      Y. Shan, H. S. Sawhney, B. Matei, R. Kumar
  29. Modeling and Synthesis of Facial Motion Driven by Speech
  Payam Saisan, Alessandro Bissacco, Alessandro Chiuso, Stefano Soatto
    30. Recovering Local Shape of a Mirror Surface from Reflection of a Regular Grid
      Silvio Savarese, Min Chen, Pietro Perona
  31. Structure of Applicable Surfaces from Single Views
  Nail Gumerov, Ali Zandifar, Ramani Duraiswami, Larry S. Davis
  32. Joint Bayes Filter: A Hybrid Tracker for Non-rigid Hand Motion Recognition
  Huang Fei , Ian Reid
    33. Iso-disparity Surfaces for General Stereo Configurations
      Marc Pollefeys, Sudipta Sinha
    34. Camera Calibration with Two Arbitrary Coplanar Circles
      Qian Chen, Haiyuan Wu, Toshikazu Wada
  35. Reconstruction of 3-D Symmetric Curves from Perspective Images without Discrete Features
  Wei Hong, Yi Ma, Yizhou Yu
  36. A Topology Preserving Non-Rigid Registration Method Using a Symmetric Similarity Function - Application to 3-D Brain Images
  Vincent Noblet, Christian Heinrich, Fabrice Heitz, Jean-Paul Armspach
    37. Visibility Analysis and Sensor Planning in Dynamic Environments
      Anurag Mittal, Larry S. Davis
    38. Hierarchical Organization of Shapes for Efficient Retrieval
      Shantanu Joshi, Anuj Srivastava, Washington Mio, Xiuwen Liu
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break    
16:30 - 17:15 Session 12   Information-based Image Processing
  1. Intrinsic Images by Entropy Minimization
  Graham D. Finlayson, Mark S. Drew, Cheng Lu
    2, Image Similarity Using Mutual Information of Regions
      Daniel B. Russakoff, Carlo Tomasi, Torsten Rohlfing, Calvin R. Maurer, Jr.
20:00 Conference Dinner    
Fri 14 May    
9:00 - 10:30 Session 13   Scale Space, Flow, Restoration
    1. A l^1-unified Variational Framework for Image Restoration
      Julien Bect, Laure Blanc-F{\'e}raud, Gilles Aubert, Antonin Chambolle
    2. Support Blob Machines -- The Sparsification of Linear Scale Space
      Marco Loog
    3. High Accuracy Optical Flow Estimation Based on a Theory for Warping
      Thomas Brox, Andres Bruhn, Nils Papenberg, Joachim Weickert
    4. Model-based Approach to Tomographic Reconstruction Including Projection Deblurring. Sensitivity of Parameter Model to Noise on Data
      Jean Michel Lagrange, Isabelle Abraham
10:30 - 10:50 Coffee Break    
10:50 - 12:00 Session 14   2D Shape Detection and Recognition
    1. Unlevel-Sets: Geometry and Prior-based Segmentation
      Tammy Riklin-Raviv, Nahum Kiryati, Nir Sochen
    2. Learning and Bayesian Shape Extraction for Object Recognition
      Washington Mio, Anuj Srivastava, Xiuwen Liu
    3. Multiphase Dynamic Labeling for Variational Recognition-driven Image Segmentation
      Daniel Cremers,  Nir Sochen, Christoph Schn{\"o}rr
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break    
13:30 - 16:00 Session 15   Posters IV
    1. Integral Invariant Signatures
      Siddharth Manay, Byung-Woo Hong, Anthony J. Yezzi, Stefano Soatto
    2. Detecting Keypoints with Stable Position, Orientation and Scale under Illumination Changes
      Bill Triggs
    3. Spectral Simplification of Graphs
      Huaijun Qiu, Edwin R. Hancock
    4. Inferring White Matter Geometry from Diffusion Tensor MRI: Application to Connectivity Mapping
      Christophe Lenglet, Rachid Deriche, Olivier Faugeras
    5. Unifying Approaches and Removing Unrealistic Assumptions in Shape From Shading: Mathematics Can Help
      Emmanuel Prados, Olivier Faugeras
    6. Morphological Operations on Matrix-Valued Images
      Bernhard Burgeth, Martin Welk, Christian Feddern, Joachim Weickert
    7. Constraints on Coplanar Moving Points
      Sujit Kuthirummal, C. V. Jawahar, P. J. Narayanan
  8. A PDE Solution of Brownian Warping
  Mads Nielsen, P. Johansen
    9. Stereovision-Based Head Tracking Using Color and Ellipse Fitting in a Particle Filter
      Bogdan Kwolek
    10. Parallel Variational Motion Estimation by Domain Decomposition and Cluster Computing
      Timo Kohlberger, Christoph Schnorr, Andres Bruhn, Joachim Weickert
    11. Whitening for Photometric Comparison of Smooth Surfaces under Varying Illumination
      Margarita Osadchy, Michael Lindenbaum, David Jacobs
  12. Structure from Motion of Parallel Lines
  Patrick Baker, Yiannis Aloimonos
    13, A Bayesian Framework for Multi-cue 3D Object Tracking
      J. Giebel, D. M. Gavrila, C. Schnorr
    14. On the Significance of Real-World Conditions for Material Classification
      Eric Hayman, Barbara Caputo, Mario Fritz, Jan-Olof Eklundh
    15. Toward Accurate Segmentation of the LV Myocardium and Chamber for Volumes Estimation in Gated SPECT Sequences
      Diane Lingrand, Arnaud Charnoz, Pierre Malick Koulibaly, Jacques Darcourt, Johan Montagnat
    16. An MCMC-based Particle Filter for Tracking Multiple Interacting Targets
      Zia Khan, Tucker Balch, Frank Dellaert
    17. Human Pose Estimation using Learnt Probabilistic Region Similarities and Partial Configurations
      Timothy J. Roberts, Stephen J. McKenna, Ian W. Ricketts
    18. Groupwise Diffeomorphic Non-rigid Registration for Automatic Model Building
      T. F. Cootes, S. Marsland, C. J. Twining, K. Smith, C. J. Taylor
    19. Separating Transparent Layers through Layer Information Exchange
      Bernard Sarel, Michal Irani
    20. Multiple Classifier System Approach to Model Pruning in Object Recognition
      Josef Kittler, Ali R Ahmadyfard
    21. Coaxial Omnidirectional Stereopsis
      Libor Spacek
  22. Classifying Materials from their Reflectance Properties
  Peter Nillius, Jan-Olof Eklundh
  23. Seamless Image Stitching in the Gradient Domain
  Anat Levin, Assaf Zomet, Shmuel Peleg, Yair Weiss
    24. Spectral Clustering for Robust Motion Segmentation
      JinHyeong Park, Hongyuan Zha, Rangachar Kasturi
    25. Learning Outdoor Color Classification from Just One Training Image
      Roberto Manduchi
    26. A Polynomial-Time Metric for Attributed Trees
      Andrea Torsello, Dzena Hidovic, Marcello Pelillo
  27. Probabilistic Multi-view Correspondence in a Distributed Setting with No Central Server
  Shai Avidan, Yael Moses, Yoram Moses
    28. Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Human Motion in Long Action Sequences
      Gareth Loy, Martin Eriksson, Josephine Sullivan, Stefan Carlsson
    29. Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images for Face Recognition
      Aglika Gyaourova, George Bebis, Ioannis Pavlidis
    30. Reliable Fiducial Detection in Natural Scenes
      David Claus, Andrew W. Fitzgibbon
    31. Light Field Appearance Manifolds
      Chris Mario Christoudias, Louis-Philippe Morency, Trevor Darrell
    32. Galilean Differential Geometry of Moving Images
      Daniel Fagerstrom
    33. Tracking People with a Sparse Network of Bearing Sensors
      A. Rahimi, B. Dunagan, T. Darrell
    34. Transformation-Invariant Embedding for Image Analysis
      Ali Ghodsi, Jiayuan Huang, Dale Schuurmans
    35. The Least-Squares Error for Structure from Infinitesimal Motion
      John Oliensis
    36. Stereo Based 3D Tracking and Scene Learning, employing Particle Filtering within EM
      Trausti Kristjansson, Hagai Attias, John Hershey
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break    
16:30 - 18:00 Session 16   3D Shape Representation and Reconstruction
    1. The Isophotic Metric and its Application to Feature Sensitive Morphology on Surfaces
      Helmut Pottmann, Tibor Steiner, Michael Hofer, Christoph Haider, Allan Hanbury
    2. A Closed-Form Solution to Non-Rigid Shape and Motion Recovery
      Jing Xiao, Jin-xiang Chai, Takeo Kanade
    3. Stereo using Monocular Cues within the Tensor Voting Framework
      Philippos Mordohai, Gerard Medioni
    4. Shape and View Independent Reflectance Map from Multiple Views
      Tianli Yu, Ning Xu, Narendra Ahuja