Ing. Teymur Azayev

Center for Machine Perception
Department of Cybernetics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical Universityin Prague


Karlovo namesti 13, 121 35 Prague, Czech Republic (map)
Room: E227


Previous work




Darpa Subt Challenge participation

In 2020 and 2021 I participated in the urban and final rounds of the Darpa subt challenge in the USA. During the preparation and participation I contributed to a variety of tasks such as articulated tracked robot control, system integration in ROS and tuning of mapping and planning algorithms, payload design and assembly, SPOT robot integration and control.

Interests and research

I have studied and applied deep learning methods for various robotic platforms, such as hexapods, quadrotors and 1/10th scale car platforms both in simulation and on the real platform. My current interest are sim-to-real transfer, few shot learning for robotics and differentiable optimization with focus on control. I am also interested in non deep learning based high performance system control methods such as MPC and iLQR.