What is BDMspy?
BDMspy (Background debug mode spy) is tool for debugging Motorola's MCU in BDM mode. Program runs on IBM PC computer with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Target device is connected with standard BDM parallel port interface designed by Motorola.


Project components:
  • Graphics interface, communication interface (communication device can be chose from libraries)
  • Motorola 68K disassembler, memory dump (goto, search commands), memory upload/download
  • Code tracking, breakpoints, breakpoints with condition and automatition for breakpoints (scripted), registers/states changing, stoping, restarting...
  • Scripts and macro language, online/offline help, SDK

System requirements:

IBM PC compatible 486 computer with 8MB RAM, some disk space (2MB),
Micorosof Windows operating system (Windows 98 is recommended)

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