E6 screenshots and video

Evi engine is now developed by DataExpert corporation under project called Movis. Refer to the company or the project web page for more details.

Evi is 3D game engine package. It consists of geometry compiler and renderer. Solves visibility for both open terrein and closed interiors scenes, using high-end graphics hardware and advanced shading languages. Photorealism at real time (PRT, precomputed global illumiation, precomputed occlusion maps, dynamic shadows based on Extended Shadow Maps), Rigid body dynamics, scripting engine, and many more...

evi at CESCG 2004

Best presentation award...

dynamic shadows

Advanced shader work... (30.9.2002)

More shader effects, like script modifiers or vertex lighting through shaders...


Simple terrain

Working with shaders... (7.7.2002)

Some shaders features like transparency...


Layered rain

Simple tree

Elevation maps

Real-time mirrors (4.5.2002)

Structural mirrors/recursive structural mirrors demonstation.



Single mirror

Multiple reflections

Recursive mirrors
With mirror(s)

Hall of mirrors

Many parallel mirrors

From outside

Mirror on the stairs

Dynamic lights video (7.4.2002)

Warning light map is generated per 4 texture pixels and without antialiasing. Also light intensity does not match to the light distance (to see light fall off). Shadow blinking is caused by light source when it moves through scene object.

Low quality



2 lights

2 lights, textured
Higher quality



2 lights

2 lights, textured

Video is compressed with DivX 5.

Screenshots from E6v3 engine demo (18.9.2001)

Testing of Fineshading dynamic lightning technology has shown that it is possible to enumerate dynamic shadows and light real-time. Although testing computer was "only" AMD K7 750Mhz with nVidia Tnt 16MB, graphics was fluent (about 60hz). For more information see E6v3.

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