SmallTalk MRenderer

What is MRenderer and what is SmallTalk? Answers for this questions you will find in this document.
First of all, what is SmallTalk? Smalltalk is programming language. If you try it, you won't use another language. Pure object oriented language, fully interpreted and very portable to all available computer systems. For more information about smalltalk click here. These are pages on Comenius univesity in Bratislava. Here you can find lectures, latest free versions of SmallTalk based languages etc. You should know that SmallTalk was development in co-operation with IBM. Because code is interpreted and ST system uses it's own windows system, code need to be optimized and have to be very fast, and it is, optimized (but not so fast).
I think programing in SmallTalk is very easy and natural. All objects, classes... are called in way that programmer can intuitive know what are objects actually doing.

What is MRenderer? MRenderer is raycaster assembled in Sqeak3.0 smalltalk based IDE. It is a simple program for visualization mathematically defined 3D objects. Rendering is processed by throwing ray from camera and tracing it over scene. Raycaster is fully object-oriented. That makes it very upgradable. All objects can have own features like position, size, rotation, material...

MRenderer documentation in Slovak language.

Video rendered in Sqeak3.0 with MRenderer:

Click image to play video...
Watch physical features of objects.
Some early video shows physically impossible attributes of tested objects. Phase of development.

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