List of Publications:

  • J.Kostlivá, R.©ára, M. Matýsková: Fairing of Discrete Surfaces with Boundary that Preserves Size and Qualitative Shape, In International Symposium on Visual Computing, (ISVC'08), USA, December 2008. [pdf]
  • J.Kostlivá: Stratified Dense Matching for Stereopsis in Complex Scenes, PhD Thesis, 2007.  [pdf]
  • J.Kostlivá, J.Čech, R.©ára: Feasibility Boundary in Dense and Semi-Dense Stereo Matching, in CVPR workshop Towards Benchmarking Automated Calibration, Orientation, and Surface Reconstruction from Images (BenCOS2007), USA, June 2007. [pdf] Best Paper Award
  • G.Kamberov, G.Kamberova, O.Chum, ©.Obdrľálek, D.Martinec, J.Kostková, T.Pajdla, J.Matas, R.©ára: "3D Geometry from Uncalibrated Images", in Proc. of the International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'06), USA, November 2006. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Stratified Dense Matching for Stereopsis in Complex Scenes", in Proc. of the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC2003), pp. 339-348, Great Britain, September 2003.  [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, J.Čech, R.©ára: "Dense Stereomatching Algorithm Performance for View Prediction and Structure Reconstruction". In Proc. of the 13th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA2003),  pp. 101-107, Sweden, June 2003. Springer-Verlag, LNCS 2749. [Springer version]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Automatic Disparity Search Range Estimation for Stereo Pairs of Unknown Scenes", in Proc. of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW'04), Slovenia, February 2004. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Stable Matching Based on Disparity Components", in Proc. of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW'02), Austria, February 2002.  [pdf]
  • J.Kostková: "Computer Vision Based Representation of Fragments of Archaeological Pottery", Master Thesis, 2000.  [abstract,ps.gz]
  • J.Kostková, R.Halíř: "A Spline Approximation of a Large Set of Points", in Proc. of the 8th International Conference in Central Europe on Comoputer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Digital Media (WSCG2000), Czech Republic, February 2000.  [ps.gz]

Technical Reports:
  • J.Kostlivá, R.©ára, M. Matýsková: Inflection Point Preserving Fairing of Discrete Surfaces with Boundary, Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2008--19, October 2007. [pdf]
  • J.Kostlivá, J.Čech, R.©ára: "ROC Based Evaluation of Stereo Algorithms", Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2007--08, June 2007. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Fast Disparity Components Tracing Algorithm for Stratified Dense Matching Approach", Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2005--28, December 2005. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Stratified Dense Matching: Experimental Evaluation", Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2003--16, September 2003. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, J.Čech, R.©ára: "The CMP Evaluation of Stereo Algorithms", Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2003--01, January 2003. [pdf]
  • J.Kostková: "Stereoscopic Matching: Problem and Solutions", PhD Thesis Proposal, Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2002--13, September 2002.  [pdf]
  • J.Kostková, R.©ára: "Disparity Component Matching Revisited", Technical Report, CTU--CMP--2002--08, March 2002.  [pdf]

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