Software, articles, reports

Here is a part of what I have written and made publicly available. Refer to your browser documentation for info on how to download. (So far, there is only an English version of this page.)

BMV - a viewer of PBM and PostScript pictures for Linux not needing X Windows. Here is an article in Czech I wrote about it.

IMARK - a program allowing you to automatically mark words in TeX documents for including in indexes. Runs under MS-DOS, C++ sources included. I have started to develop TCL implementation - it is not yet ready but feel free to look.

VLN- a program to append tildas into TeX documents after single letter words to prevent them from appearing at ends of lines.

MOW- Matlab on the Web, making demonstrations written in Matlab available on the Web.

Objective C ELF patches- a patched source of GNU Objective C runtime taken from GCC 2.7.0 sources and a patch for libobjects Objective C library to compile them as a shared library on Linux ELF systems to save space.

Steiner problem- An approximating algorithm for solving a Steiner problem in Manhattan metric, together with an accompanying article (in Czech).

Noise suppression- My Poster about various noise suppression algorithms (in Czech).

Programming Contest Scoring System- A system for evaluating programming competitions such as ACM Programming Contest. Here is the report I wrote about it. The software itself is available as well. Mail me if you are interested.

Identification of Autoregressive Time Series Using Repetitive Autocorrelation- an article I have written. I have also the PostScript version.

Multiple Point Sets Registration - A computer vision algorithm with documentation in TeX and PostScript.

Pattern Recognition - Course work.

Medical Image Registration for Spline Based Warping - preliminary report.

Poster in LaTeX - first try.

Running Linux on PsionS5

Repository of Matlab routines for B-spline processing

Jara da Cimrman - english translation.

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