Curricula of the course Fuzzy Logic

Past lectures:

11.3. Basics of Boolean algebras and the notion of fuzzy set
18.3. Vertical and horizontal representation of fuzzy sets
25.3. Fuzzy negations and conjunctions
1.4. Representations of fuzzy conjunctions (WP)
8.4. Fuzzy disjunctions, properties of fuzzy operations
15.4. Fuzzy implications and biimplications Fuzzy relations
22.4. Basics of classical logic: Semantics
29.4. Basics of classical logic 2: Deduction, logical proofs, completeness (WP) Basic fuzzy logic: Deduction, logical proofs
6.5. Basic fuzzy logic 2: Semantics, completeness (WP) Goedel logic
13.5. Lukasiewicz and product logic Rational Pavelka logic
20.5. Predicate logics: classical, basic (fuzzy), rational Pavelka
27.5. Principles of fuzzy control

(WP = without proof)

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