Curricula of the course Fuzzy Logic

Lectures 2019:
Feb 28: Basic notions. System of cuts of a fuzzy set, theorem on representation of fuzzy sets by cuts, conversion between vertical and horizontal representation.
Mar 7: Fuzzy inclusion.
Fuzzy negations.
Mar 14: Representation theorem for fuzzy negations.
Fuzzy conjunctions (triangular norms),
Triangular Norms and Conorms. Scholarpedia, p.10029.
Fuzzy algebras and their properties.
Mar 21: Representation theorems.
Mar 28: Fuzzy disjunctions (triangular conorms), representation theorems.
Examples of fuzzy intersections and unions.
Exercises on fuzzy negations and conjunctions and their generators.
Apr 4: Lecture cancelled due to an absence of a majority of students.
Apr 11: Lecture cancelled due to an overlap with Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Colloquium
Apr 18: Properties of fuzzy propositional and set operations. Fuzzy implications.
Apr 25: More on representation theorems (public seminar).
May 2: Fuzzy implications and biimplications. Basic principles of the classical measure (and probability) theory.
May 9: Principles of the classical and non-classical (quantum) measure theory, Banach–Tarski paradox.
May 16: Set-representable models of quantum events and random variables.
May 23: Lecture cancelled due to doctoral state exams.
May 30: Non set-representable models of quantum events and observables.
June 6: Generalized models of probability based on fuzzy logics. Problems of conditional probability.