Recent publications
Thesis proposal [November 2017]
summarize the state of the art of the computation of the uncertatinty for large scale reconstructions.
is challenging due to the properties of Fisher information matrix. We present a new algorithm which leads to presice and fast resuts.
is challenging due to computational requirements. We present a new algorithm for uncertainty propagation which works with millions of feature points, thousands of cameras and millions of 3D points on a single computer.
Recent projects
IMPACT: Intelligent Machine Perception
The project focuses on fundamental and applied research in computer vision, machine learning and robotics to develop machines that learn to perceive, reason, navigate and interact with complex dynamic environments.
LADIO: Live Action Data Input and Output
improve and release new open source software libraries to foster interoperability and collaborations.
develops technology for automatic three-dimensional terrain monitoring from digital photographs acquired by an autonomous airship.
Teaching assistant
solve the inverse kinematic task of general 6R serial manipulator.
focus on Affine and Projective geometry, panorama construction and 3D model of a scene from its images reconstruction.
Studied programs
Czech Technical University in Prague since 2015
Research stays
Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3
160 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Email: policmic(at)
Room: CIIRC:B:640b